get your bases covered and ensure continual operation with our set of operational guidelines that ensure protection from possible fines from the government.

avoid the possibilities of getting
fines from the government

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Dear business owner,

Does your organization have problem complying with legal, statutory, regulatory and contractual obligations?

Does your organization have a procedure for identifying and documenting its compliance obligation?

Does your organization have a compliance culture?

Is the compliance function in your organization clearly defined?

What measures are in place in your organization for monitoring, measuring, analyzing and evaluating compliance performance within your organization?

Do you struggle to understand or feel overwhelmed when trying to identify and evaluate your company's compliance obligations or legal requirements?

Did you know,

Companies that perform annual risk assessments often find compliance issues to be one of the biggest challenges they face?

Violating the set standards for your company could mean facing serious consequences such as:

  •  fines;

  •  penalties;

  •  lawsuits;

  •  loss of reputation, and more;

Adopting an established and certified compliant program will help you stay on top of your responsibilities and make sure you are meeting all your obligations while minimizing fines or other penalties. 

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has established guidelines in its ISO 37301 standard that detail how businesses can create a CMS.

You see, 


A CMS is a means to keep up with the laws, regulations, and codes of conduct that govern your company. In order for it to work effectively, there are some things you need to do: know what they are and how they affect your business; assess where you are in terms of compliance; identify areas where improvements can be made.

purpose of iso 37301

Many people don't know about this but the International Standard ISO 37301 provides guidelines for effective compliance management systems. The problem is that many people think they can just ignore this.

But if you want to have a clean business then you're going to need to take some action and follow these guidelines or your company will be shut down due to non-compliance!

    Creating a Culture of Compliance

    Compliance never stops. It is an ongoing process where organizations uphold their responsibilities.

    Compliance isn't something that's done once and you're finished; it has to be woven into the fabric of your culture. It has to be embedded in every aspect of how you work - from how you think about what you do, down to your very attitude about compliance.

    Organizations that aim to be successful in the long term need to establish and maintain a culture of compliance, considering the needs and expectations of interested parties.

    Compliance creates not only the basis for a successful business, but also an opportunity for sustainability.

      benefits of iso 37301

      •  Improves business opportunities and sustainability.
      •  It protects and enhance an organization’s reputation and credibility.
      •  It takes into account expectations of interested parties.
      •  It demonstrates an organization’s commitment to managing its compliance risks effectively and efficiently.
      •  It increases the confidence of third parties in the organization’s capacity to achieve sustained success.
      •  It minimizes the risk of a contradiction occurring with the attendant costs and reputation damage.

      implementing iso 37301

      Implementing ISO 37301:2021 Compliance Management System (CMS) in your organization will lead to:

      •  Enhance a risk-based approach for compliance management;
      •  Enhance a culture of compliance;
      •  Prevent litigations and fines due to noncompliance;
      •  Improve business opportunities and sustainability;
      •  Enhancing organization’s reputation and credibility;
      •  Increased third parties confidence in the organization’s
        capacity to achieve sustained success and minimize the
        risk of a contravention occurring with the attendant costs
        and reputational damage.


      International Organization for Standardization provides the standards for quality inspection but doesn’t provide certificates.

      You see,

      Relying on inexperienced consultants to execute your Compliance Management System (CMS) could cost your business opportunities and low-quality audits.

      With our help, organizations can get ISO 37301 certification without any worries. We have experts ready to help with the process, increasing your odds of completing it successfully.


      Gap Analysis 

      Before implementing an ISO Standard, it is important to know its strengths and weaknesses so that you can adjust your own systems or documents to make sure they align with the standard. This will provide you with a clear idea of what changes need to be made before achieving certification. 

      Scope and Design 

      Now it's time to identify possible solutions. Before we can know what, we want and if we're moving forward or backward, let's take a look at some of the steps taken so far. 


       In order to achieve compliance, we follow strict processes and procedures; going through all these steps day in and day out. 


      Train your people on what they need to do and teach them the standards. Regularly evaluate the quality system - are there some adjustments or changes that need to be made? Is it still working for you? If not, figure out how to make improvements based on those findings. 


      By providing third-party certification audit support, we make sure you're always certified. 


      Maintenance of the system to the extent agreed by your organization.

      We take our clients beyond the certification of their management systems to establishing a management system culture within the organization.  


      Affordable Quality Service

      We provide affordable quality products and services, and maximize customers’ satisfaction through quality management systems and leading-edge technology, thus building mutual trust with clients and ensuring seamless operations, while striving to conserve the natural environment. 

      Competent and Experienced

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      There are many systems for making sure your company does everything it needs to do to stay compliant and operational. With so many different departments out there, it can be hard to keep track of which ones need attention and where they need it - so we built a system that tracks every document and makes sure everyone knows what they're supposed to do. It also helps us stay vigilant about things we've done wrong in the past, so we can fix them before they become problems later on down the line.
      Based on principles of good governance, responsibility, transparency and sustainability the international standard ISO 37301 provides guidelines for establishing effective compliance management systems. Using this standard you can create a standardized and efficient business CMS that will not only help you comply with regulations but also make your company run smoother by getting rid of unnecessary documentation!
      This standard is not only for large companies; it can also apply to anyone interested in improving their current management system.
      Both ISO 37301 and ISO 37001 have an emphasis on risk assessment and PDCA cycles. They also follow similar principles such as the plan-do-check-act process. However, while ISO 37301 takes a systematic approach to compliance management, ISO 37001 focuses solely on bribery management. Though these standards differ in their focus, they are actually fairly easy to implement alongside each other due to how closely related they are in terms of concepts.
      ISO 37301 has replaced the old ISO 19600 standard. The new ISO 37301 is a certification standard instead of a guideline, so it will take over where ISO 19600 left off.